The final objective is to promote the Blue Economy as an innovative and credible strategy for the sustainable development of the region and to advocate for the implementation of the Blue Economy approach in the relevant sustainable development policies of the Mediterranean region.

The main risk related to the implementation of this strategy is not to be able to mainstream the project study findings in the Barcelona Convention governance processes due to lake of ownership from the contracting parties.

In order to avoid this possibility, the project strategy is to involved from the beginning the institutions that are managing these processes at the regional level. Ownership from the Parties will be ensured the consultation of Focal points of the MAP governance process throughout the project on the activities taking place. 


Result 3.1: Interaction and commitment with key regional stakeholders.

It will allow a permanent interaction with the strategic stakeholders to improve quality and transparency of the results.

Activity 3.1.1 Organization of Regional conferences. 

The full study will be presented and discussed openly at two Project regional conferences (one each year) to include the feedbacks from key partners and create a sense of ownership from participants. The conferences shall be organized in the framework of an event of regional significance to give the project a better visibility and reduce organizing cost, whenever suitable.

Activity 3.1.2 Participation to regional conferences and organization of side events

The project will use already existing regional fora (such as Mediterranean Economic Week, European Roundtable on SCP, Global Eco Forum, Medays, AFED,...) to present the initiative and the scoping study results to regional stakeholders, as part of the face to face consultation process. Two side events in key regional meetings will be also organized to give the project visibility among Mediterranean stakeholders. Meetings with Mediterranean organizations (tbd), to present the project and search for synergies, will also be done to give the project visibility.

Result 3.2:  Communication to policy and decision makers.

Communication material will be developed to raise awareness, and communicate to the policy and decision makers. 

Activity 3.2.1 Development of other communication material 

Leaflets, roll ups, banners, newsletters, videos will be developed to communicate around the project. The full study will also be laid out and printed in hard copies for distribution among key stakeholders. It will be also published in French.

Activity 3.2.2 On-line platform 

An institutional web site and a public on-line platform will be used to allow a continuous debate in the sustainable development community. The possibility of including this platform on consultative platforms to launched by other regional consultation processes will be studied (e.g. MSSD 2.0 platform, Mediterranean SCP Action Plan platform, ICZM platform implemented through PEGASO) to reduce logistical cost and improve coherence, visibility and impact.

Result 3.3: Influence multilateral agreements and international initiatives

The main partners will use their institutional experience and advocacy capacity to influence relevant regional and international multilateral processes. 

Activity 3.3.1 Advocacy and follow up on Barcelona Convention

The tools and measures identified in the Blue Economy study shall be mainstreamed in the four main on -going regional processes contributing to the identification of measures and objectives for sustainable development in the Mediterranean: MSSD review, ECAP, Mediterranean SCP Action Plan and ICZM Protocol. Electronic consultation process through emailing with relevant Mediterranean Stakeholders groups (MAP, Plan Bleu, CP/RAC, PAP/RAC focal points, MCSD steering committee…) shall be considered to ensure institutional ownership. The study shall also be submitted for endorsement to the MCSD (Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development). 
Activity 3.3.2 Advocacy and follow up on other multilateral initiatives
The relevant outcomes of the project will also be promoted in other international programs such as 10 Year framework of programme on Sustainable Consumption and Production, UNEP Green Economy Initiatives, high-level political forum on sustainable development (HLPF-SD),  Open Working Group on Sustainability Development Goals, UNFCCC,  .