The second objective is to inspire the stakeholders on promising cases, create connections and synergies and facilitate an exchange on challenges and opportunities for scaling them up. The focus will be on priority sectors including food, tourism, housing and construction, fashion and textiles as well as waste management. The SwitchMed Connect (www.switchmed.eu) planned to gather Mediterranean stakeholders working in the field of environmentally sustainable economy in October 2015 in Barcelona is seen as the perfect opportunity for visibility, dissemination and exchange on promising cases.


Result 2.1: INSPIRE: Exhibition on promising cases to scale up at the international summit.

A gallery walk style exhibition of promising cases (stories of entrepreneurs, change makers, policy initiatives) will be prepared to concretize the vision of environmentally sustainable economy in the Mediterranean (productive, circular and sharing economies). The gallery walk will include photos, videos, posters organized in priority sectors. 

Activity 2.1.1 Concept design and development of the exhibition with eco and social innovation cases

The material for the stories will be collated according to the concept design of the exhibition (at least 30). 

Activity 2.1.2 Set-up and management of the exhibition

A professional events management company will produce the gallery walk exhibition, manage its set-up and dismantle it. 

Result 2.2: EXCHANGE: Workshops for connecting and discussing challenges and opportunities.​

In order to complement the Gallery Walk, workshops where the leaders of the promising cases present their stories will be organized. These sessions will be co-organized with leading intermediary institutions of each focus sector. The innovative presentations will follow with a discussion on collection of challenges and opportunities for scaling up these niche innovations.  The discussion will be graphically recorded and a summary report will be prepared. 

Activity 2.2.1 Preparation of workshops on eco and social innovations

The material for the stories to be presented during the workshops will be prepared with the leaders of the promising cases.

​Activity 2.2.2  Preparation of summary reports on challenges and opportunities

The summary reports on the stories presented to the workshops will be elaborated based on the challenges/opportunities structure then disseminated.